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(from left) Joonas Pasanen - guitar, Harri Häkkinen - vocals, Seppo "U." Pasanen - guitar, Juha-Antti Helama - bass, Asko Vikki - drums

U. Pasanen Band is a Finnish blues/soul/funk/rock based band playing with their groovy and easy-going vibe. The band was founded in 1997 by the blues guitarist Seppo "U." Pasanen. The current line-up which has existed since October 2006 has released three albums "U Turn" (2008), "Grey House" (2012) and "Long Long Way (2018). And this is how it sounds! <PLAY>

New album released

 U. Pasanen Band releases a new rhythm & blues and rock based album called Long Long Way. The band’s third album contains serious and not so serious songs of looking back on life. Stories of kids becoming adults, childhood memories of blood brothers and the good old days when a man entertained himself by speeding up his Swedish car. The album was recorded at Rock Tekniikka Studios in Vihtavuori, Finland by Mika Leppälä. The recording features special guests Jyrki Lindlöf – keyboards, Antti Kettunen – saxophone, Aki Vänskä – saxophone, Pauli ”Patsi” Hänninen – djembe and Mika Leppälä – backing vocals.

Check out the single Sons and Fathers












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