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the band + the van

(from left) Juha-Antti Helama (bass), Asko Vikki (drums), Seppo "U." Pasanen (guitar), Joonas Pasanen (guitar), Harri Häkkinen (vocals)

U. Pasanen Band is a Finnish blues/soul/funk/rock based band playing with their groovy and easy-going vibe. The band was founded in 1997 by the blues guitarist Seppo "U." Pasanen. The current line-up which has existed since October 2006 has released two albums "U Turn" (2008) and "Grey House" (2012)


New album available now!

 Grey House

U. Pasanen Band has released their second full length album “Grey House” which includes 11 songs about living life with its good and bad incidents. The album is a good combination of blues, soul, funk and rock and the band is very proud of the way it sounds. And for that sound U. Pasanen Band owes a lot to “Sir” Mika Leppälä who recorded and mixed the album and to the amazing additional musicians Antti Kettunen - Saxophones, Vesa Rahkama - Trumpet and Jyrki Lindlöf - Clavinet, Hammond, Piano, Rhodes.

1. No Band Without The Van   <play>
2. Let's Not Let It Fade
3. No Regrets   <play>
4. Nickels And Drinks
5. Flying Low
6. Drift Away
7. Save Me   <play>
8. There Behind The Blinds   <play>
9. Name Of This Game
10. His Thoughts Are With You   <play>
11. Grey House   <play>

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